Birthday weekend…!


Friday I went to the cinema and so didn’t get time before I went to write up my post on Friday, so a VERY quick run through with photos:

  Breakfast (a berry bar) @ weekend

  1 hour swimming


A Thai with my daughter’s best friends mother which was a starter with tiny toasts with chicken and a sweet and sour sauce and then chicken with green beans and a lovely chilli sauce with rice (but didn’t eat all the rice!)


Dog walk along the Isar with Daisy for an hour where you can see a VERY organised leaf gathering has taken place in 2 piles!

 an afternoon snack of a lemon protein bar.

I’m afraid I cannot remember what I had for dinner but it was definately not anything diet-like or healthy and then I dashed off to the cinema to see “A Dangerous Method” about Jung and Freud with Keira Knightley etc:  unfortunately trailer in German (I actually thought it was a bit silly, all this business about sex being behind every psychological problem) and then I went to the sneak which was hilarious although a kids film really:  Puss in Boots:

Home late and couldn’t get to sleep for ages but woke up early – typical!  So I went for a walk for an hour in the English Garden and was lucky to meet my dog walking friend who had also decided to go out @ the weekend, usually we only meet during the week!

my  breakfast was a Muesli roll with sunflower seeds and raisins with butter, marmite, cheddar cheese and 4 little bits of apple!  Then my daughter and I went xmas shopping in town where the xmas markets had their first opening weekend:


but I didn’t manage to catch a good picture of any of the xmas stalls really as so many people!  But I did manage to get picture of the very skinny xmas tree on the Marienplatz!  Whilst we were shopping my mother called and invited us to lunch (although she was supposed to be meeting a friend, but she asked us to join her), and I had Wok Vegetables with rice but left about 1/3 of it:

During the afternoon I went for a walk through the Hofgarten:

then home and a snack of an apple and a bit of cheddar cheese:

Dinner was something embarrassingly not good or healthy but I thought sod it it’s my birthday soon (Sunday), so not looking @ what I am eating for the weekend!

Then I went for a last walk of the day, but quite late @ 8:30 for half an hour through town and now going to bed to read and sleep until tomorrow’s ‘special day’!  So TTFN!


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