Beautiful sunshine… but freeeeeezing cold!


Walk lovely today with the sun but VERY COLD!


here the frost and the SUN!

As leaving the English Garden my phone suddenly sounded a calendar alarm that I had a hairdresser appointment in 20 mins!  Luckily my dog walking friend had her car parked parallel to the English Garden and quickly took me home and I managed to bike there and only arrived a few minutes late!  However on the way back my bike chain came off… and when I got to the bike shop, which was luckily not far away and there I found out that the chain was actually broken, so needed a NEW one but luckily he had time to do it quickly!

Then home where I did some work and then off for a swim for an hour, then a bit of shopping and picking up my bike (mended!).

My Russian dog walking friend made us lunch a chicken, potato and tomato sauce dish which was very good:

with a salad, unfortunately the photo is not very good, the food was though!  And for desert 2 very small Giotto’s:

Then I went for a walk with Daisy for an hour along the Isar:


the second picture was a load of Crows whom Daisy chased!

Then after going to the Post I went for a bike ride along the Isar to the Zoo which took me 50 mins and was very nice:


Managed to get back in time to pick my daughter up and had a snack

half a hot cross bun!

Then hubby was home when we got home (very unusual!) but he had to go out but not for long and so we had dinner together:

mine was a brown Walnut bread roll with butter, marmite, cheddar cheese, beetroot and 1/2 an apple and salad with salad, tomatoes and cucumber.

Daisy and I went out for 30 mins along the Maximillianstrasse and then into Hofgarten and it WAS VERY COOOOLD AGAIN!  Updated my weight loss… so check it out… TTFN!

P.S.  The spell check its not working so if there are any mistakes it’s because I read over them by mistake!


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