Going well…part VI!


Well… it’s still going well!  Morning walk was with my Russian friend and my dog walk friend and nice for an hour!  No photo though (I forgot!).

Berry bar for breakfast:

ha ha a peace sign out of my berry bar!

Work normal today and then after work I went swimming for an hour!  Then I had lunch:

which was a vegetable pastry and salad and the pastry was HUGE but I gave the pastry ends to Daisy and ended up eating the rest… so not that huge after all!  It was full of vegetables so pastry only naughty part!

Then Daisy lunch-time walk for an hour:


where most of the leaves have been cleared away… see the leaf-less paths!

After taking Daisy back home I had to go and pick up ANOTHER parcel @ the far away Packstation (see earlier posts!) to pick up something small!  A game for my daughter, so silly that I had to go so far for such a little thing!  But it did mean I took the long way home again via Olympia on the bike:


and through the Hofgarten (left) and through the English Garden (right) taking 1 hour 30 (including the diversion to the Post Office!) I was freezing when I got home, just in time to pick up my daughter!

Shopping, cooking and clearing up before dinner:

a brown Walnut bread roll with butter, marmite, cheese and half an apple and a green salad with tomatoes and cucumber.

Daisy and I took our last walk of the day after dinner:


taking a bit longer as I had to go to the bank and along the way I saw these: the decorated street light, Tiffany’s window with a carousel, the 5 Höfe (a posh shopping centre in the centre) with its coloured lights and if you look closely there are also a huge band of christmas lights in front of the coloured lights and lastly the huge Globe (albeit without any decoration… I would have thought they would have put some lights on it!)  The walk took nearer to 45 mins than the usual 30 mins!

Not had much time today to myself so will log off now and post this so I can read!  So TTFN!  But tomorrow weight update day… so watch this space…!


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