Eating wrong…!


Internet CRASHED last night so I am only just managing to post this from yesterday (Saturday!).

Day started off nicely although waking up early and not being able to get back to sleep, this meant I had time to go for a longer-than-normal-for-a-weekend dog walk which I did, in the English Garden:


very cold though, you can’t see the frost so well in the first picture but close up in the second!  But then the sun’s rays are coming through!  And the last picture reminded me of my dad as he would say ‘I’ll have them for the fire…’.  Of course he wouldn’t take them out of the English Garden… far to far away to get home!

The walk took an hour and although cold it was nice!

These surfers must be freezing though… one fallen in already and drifting away in the middle of the picture above the wave and there’s another surfer @ the front of the picture and wave just off to the middle left!

Breakfast was half a Walnut brown roll and half a raisin and sunflower brown roll with butter and 3 quarters with cheese and 1 quarter with salami:

I was then due to take my daughter and her friend to the Olympic Stadium Pool (which we had seen on tv last weekend), but we had to wait for her friend to do her piano practice and left later than planned and had no lunch which was to prove a bit silly later…:


here the Olympic Tower when we arrived in the sun, then the pool and then the sun setting against the diving boards and the last picture on the right the Olympic Tower in the mist and @ dusk!  What a difference!

There was no snack bar or restaurant or even a kiosk @ the pool so we started to get hungry except my daughter’s friend who had had lunch @ home!  I ended up eating my daughters Breze which I had bought as a snack for the girls after the pool, then I went to the snack machine and ended up getting a chocolate… I WAS STARVING…:

it’s like a mini swiss roll covered in chocolate… LUCKILY for me I hardly had any  change for the machine and feeling a bit motherly and having already eaten my daughter’s Breze, I kept the little bit of change I had left for the girls, who then bought a packet of cola bottles from which I sneaked 2:

Then we left and that’s when we saw how horrible the weather was outside with the fog:

and where we saw this which was a wooden Alp-like Xmas hut!  The girls had a nutella crepe on way home from next to this hut BUT I MANAGED TO RESIST!  I suppose I knew I was going to get something @ home!  When I got there I ate half a hot cross bun:

Then I decided to get a salad in town and took Daisy for a walk along the way for 30 mins, my salad was the Big Easy one with beef, spring onions, peanuts, salad, peppers and bread:

and after starving all day (!?!?) it was DELICIOUS!

Hubby was @ home asleep on the sofa and the girls were playing so I decided to go to the cinema… seeing as had been ON DUTY most of the day with the girls… and saw “I don’t know how she does it” with Sarah Jessica Parker playing a woman who has to juggle 2 kids, a big house, a big job and her marriage… it was nothing special, funny and entertaining and nice relax though: (press link if you fancy seeing what it was about!).

Rushing home so hubby could go out I found this sight in our back courtyard/garage:

Some silly person has put up xmas lights on his balcony in American BIG style, they are really quite bright!

I quickly took Daisy for a quick peeeee, then let hubby go out and I had the other half of the hot cross bun:

then wrote this although the Internet crashed and am only finishing it now on Sunday…!

But as far as Saturday is concerned that’s all, more later of today, so TTFN!

P.S.  The sneak was HILARIOUS, a Polanski film called Carnage:

the film follows an afternoon between 2 couples who are discussing (!) how one of their sons hit the other one and it was hilarious the way the interacted and the characters!


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