Another day of managing some sport (Weekend sport that is!)…


My daughter and her friend woke up @ 6:50 am…!  But it had one advantage which was that I was up too so went out for a 1 hour walk with Daisy in the English Garden.  Then home where I ate a berry bar:

Then after feeding my daughter and her friend, I rode my bike to the shop @ Hauptbahnhof (main Train station) which is the only place open on a Sunday and then I took the long way home!  Via the, surprise, surprise, Olympic Stadium (which took just over an hour!):

This is a Rubenesque-like Athletic statue which reminds me of me a bit, although she actually has a better proportioned body (being an Athlete!).

When I got home hubby and I decided to go for lunch alone, leaving the girls to play (with Daisy as guard!) and as usual I ate a steak and a salad, although I must say not so much salad this time (and when I say salad we know that the cucumber, the cabbage and the beetroot are the only bits that are salad-y):

We took something home for the girls to eat and then I went out for a walk along the Isar with Daisy:


where the Sky was weird…!  And the Isar very low and again the sky strange (but nice!).

When I got back I ate 3 of my daughter’s sweets she had left over (I know, I know… naughty… but nice!):

My husband has suddenly gone all sporty too (wants to lose his little beer belly!) and goes jogging now, well it will be the 3rd time now!) and he usually goes with a friend, but his friend didn’t want to tonight but my husband said he’d be bored on his own so would I come on my bike, which I did and I was obviously faster than him and so I did interval training meaning I was riding my bike slowly with him but then rode fast for a while and then back to my husband and then a I did it again a few times and we did this for about 30 mins.

Dinner was a lentil and carrot stew with a bit of cheddar and a bit of a roll with butter:

Then I went out for last walk of the day with Daisy for 30 mins through the Hofgarten and then I wrote this before heading off to read and bed!  So TTFN!


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