Mild today…!


It’s been a lovely, lovely MILD day today with sunshine, very unusual in the last few days as has been soooo cold but today LOVELY!


here you can see the sun in the English Garden on my 1 hour walk this morning with my neighbour friend (who had time today for a walk!) and my dog walk friend with her dog!

No work today, well not in the office anyway!  Had plenty to do with hubby’s company though!

My breakfast was a  Walnut brown roll (which was going hard already and would be no good to eat later so wanted to eat it instead of throwing it away!) with butter and jam on one side and butter and cheddar cheese on the other side:

Then I did manage to go for a 1 hour swim and then had Pad Thai with Tofu and Chicken for lunch:

After lunch an hour’s walk along the Isar and into town to pick something up from the bank!


The view from under the bridge and the second picture the view of the ducks under the bridge in the clear water!

Then spent over an hour filing and in between hubby came and found me with all the papers and files on the floor and said “now who’s got the worst job, you or me” and he sort of understood what was necessary to make it all work includes the work I do… so that was good to get some praise from him!

Then I rushed about and ended up not really having enough time to go for a ‘proper’ bike ride, so only went for a 33 mins instead and saw this:


the views from each side of the bridge with the bits of red from the sun going down in each!

I went to pick up my daughter from Hort and then we went to market and then I had this for dinner:

a salad with Scampi and 1/2 a Walnut brown bread roll and butter!

After dinner last walk of the day around town with Daisy for 30 mins! TTFN!


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