Biked too much…!


Today I biked too much again.. but more on that in a mo.

First of all my day:

the English Garden this morning, was very foggy but not here in photo!

Breakfast @ work:

was as usual my berry bar.

Work was quite busy today and after work I had a Potato Strudel (which is basically a pie but one where the ingredients are rolled into the pastry and not where its put under the pastry!) and Sauerkraut and wasn’t bad @ all but I did leave half of the pie and 1/3 of the sauerkraut:

oh and salad!

Then I went for an 1 hour swim!

When I got back a shortened version of the Isar walk with Daisy, only taking 50 mins (wow… instead of 1 hour, big difference!) and then I went off on the bike to pick up a parcel @ the stupid Packstation place where the things go when my Packstation is full or the parcels are too big!

And today it was a case of the parcel being too big!  Stupid amazon had put a not so big thing in a HUGE parcel twice the size of the thing!  But I managed to throw the packaging away @ the post office but the thing was still too big (I can’t say what it is as it’s a xmas present!).  I had planned to go for an extra bike ride taking the LONG way home on the way back but it was made a bit difficult by my having to hold on to the thing in the basket on the back of my bike.  I decided not to take the extra long way home but took a shortened version of it but turned out to be pretty long too… door to door with the stop @ the Packstation I was on the road for 1 hour 20 mins, although I only actually wanted about 40 mins… PLUS it was quite cold today so my legs were cold and had to work harder and so that made me even more tired!

On way home I thought I had bought a hot cross bun but when I got back home I found I had bought a Rosinen Schnecke (a raisin pastry) and I realised I had said the wrong thing in the shop, but only ate half of it… but it was comfort food really having bike so much and being so coooold, I didn’t really want or need it (!):

Then for dinner I had a salad with chicken breast but no bread this time, felt guilty after above!

Last exercise of the day my daughter came with me on a Daisy walk for 30 mins through town where we saw the next shop on Maximillianstrasse to get xmas lights:

a jewellers.. no-one exciting!  That’s all for today… tomorrow weight loss update…!?!  Hope I can report something good, TTFN!


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