Going well… part IV!


Managed to do some sports again today, well out on bike a lot!  And so all in all, as well as weight still going down its GOING WELL!

Day started with dog walk:


the 1st picture shows how really empty the trees are already of leaves and the second just how BIG the trees are with Daisy as comparison, walk was for 55 mins.

Then I DIDN’T have a berry bar for breakfast, I had my brown, sunflower seed and raisin roll with butter and one side with marmite and cheese and the other side with honey:

We decided to join another couple and their dog for lunch @ a lake today so hubby and my daughter and Daisy went in the car and I went on the bike:


me on the bike on a leafy track, the foggy and cold view from a bridge and the first view of the lake (Feringa See), it took me an hour!

@ the restaurant I had a baked potato with sour cream and chives and a mixed salad but I forgot to photograph them as I was pretty starving and just started eating and therefore forgot the photo!

Then I made my way back and came across some REAL NATURE… NOT!:

some kind of electricity station.

It still took an hour although I knew where I was going and I came across a lake I didn’t know existed which was behind some trees which I ride past ALL THE TIME… I just didn’t realise there was a lake there:

it’s the Unterföhringer See!  Way back took me an hour too!

Then I had a snack:

an apple, a bit of cheese and some walnuts (from my father in-laws Wikend House – his Weekend House in Bosnia!).

and a bit later 2 small pieces of chocolate…!  Naughty I know!

For dinner I had a lentil stew, a salad and a piece of brown bread:

Last walk of the day with Daisy was for 30 mins and saw another shop which has Xmas-fied itself:

Back home and writing this and my daughter and I are selling stuff in Ebay so sorting that out before heading off the bed… TTFN!


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