Weekend and sports…!


Last night I saw this on way back from the cinema @ 1 am:

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS… it’s only 11th November… nowhere near Xmas yet!

The film Anonymous was ok, Elizabethan England very well done and good but I am not sure this whole story about William Shakespeare was someone else is true…!  Then the sneak was HILARIOUS it was 30 minutes or less http://www.cinema-muenchen.com/englisch/default.htm enjoyed it and what was also nice it wasn’t very long, I was out by 00:49 am…!

This morning Daisy and I went through the Hofgarten and a little bit through the English Garden for 38 mins (!):

then I bought a banana and a thick yoghurt for my daughter for breakfast as she fancied it and she ate it with honey and apple and tangerine whilst I had:

my berry bar, a fig and half an apple!

My daughter had an appointment with my mother to go to the hairdressers and I went for a bike ride to the Zoo in the meantime:


here the Isar along the way to the Zoo!  Lovely day but COOOOOLD!

Then lunch with my daughter and mother:

a China Thai Noodles with Duck dish – very tasty and a mixed salad!

My daughter went to play with her friend so Daisy and I went for a walk along the Isar for 1 hour and 30 mins:


the second picture shows a little waterfall on a path along the Isar, the map of the English Garden and the last picture a view out of the tunnel under the Friedens Engel where all the graffiti is!

Before I went on I had a snack:

half a brown bread roll with nuts, raisins and sunflower seeds with butter, marmite, cheese and half an apple.

Then I got a text saying I had a package in a Packstation (its like a PO Box but you have access to it 24 hours a day and it’s always a different one @ one location) and then I added a bike ride to the Olympic stadium via English Garden and along the Mittlerer Ring where I saw this huge tower which seems to me to have been built for nothing as it is half empty even after it’s been built for a few years:

This took an hour and 20 mins, when I got home Daisy was ready for another walk so went for 30 mins and then it was time for FOOOOD!

It was a ‘Paris’ salad (salad, peppers, grapes, goat cheese, apple) and a Carrot Ginger soup which was delicious and the other half of the brown bread roll from my snack and 2 figs for desert!

So back to the title of my blog today… I was worried that I wouldn’t get around to any sports today which usually happens at weekends.  This is because I am usually busy entertaining my daughter, but this time she was busy and out most of afternoon chilling and hanging out with her friend on our square!  So as you have just read I did quite a lot of sports and I am actually quite tired… I suddenly notice!  So TTFN!


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