Another Friday…!


Well I suppose it’s a very special Friday as its 11.11.11 and St. Martin’s Day here in Munich for the kids!

My day started well… I am @ last back to the weight I was before I got my visit from my cousin where I went out LOADS (absolutely not your fault if you are reading it ‘cousin’!, absolutely ALL MY FAULT!, just for the record!), well actually I am 100g below that, see my Weight Loss Stats and Goals! I AM EXCITED… HOPE IT GOES ON LIKE THIS!

So how about today… well walk as usual in the morning and a note about somethings I’ve noticed… It is only taking me 55 mins now instead of the hour, I don’t think I have got quicker although I may have, I think its more to do with not walking with other people and so not chatting and maybe with the talking I was walking slower, I don’t know, I will carry on the observation!

here the Eisbach and I am wondering what happens to all the leaves which go swimming in the Isar, I mean they must get stuck somewhere… I wonder!

Ducks braving the waves!

After the 55 mins walk!  I went to work and ate my Berry bar for breakfast

note the happy face… probably from getting back to my weight that I had hoped to!

After work I went swimming for an hour and I was luckily on my own in the pool so was nice and easy!

Lunch was:

which was a piece of Salmon, rice and spinach with a few onions and I left about a 3rd of the rice as was too much (!)

Then I went for a Daisy walk along the Isar for 1 hr 13 mins

and then I went for bike ride for 1 hour and 19 mins, took a bit longer this time (the tour) as its pretty cold and my legs were cold and not working as fast as they could, although that’s silly as you could move them more to make the warm but that didn’t seem to work as well as usual! :

here one of the lonely paths… usually meet someone but obviously too cold for the joggers and bikers!

As it took longer than usual I was late for the bonfire in the Hort of my daughters but made it in end:

and whilst there I ate:

half of the special bread roll from yesterday and a small apple!

My daughter did a ‘light dance’ with candles at the St. Martin do in the local church which was sweet and then the kids went off on a walk with the lanterns, singing and I went home and out with Daisy!

Back @ home I had this:

which was a Nicoise Salad which (for those who don’t know!) is a tuna fish and boiled egg salad with a walnut bread roll and butter!

That’s it for today, sorry it’s so dashed but I am off to the cinema to watch Anonymous and then my Sneak (so twice tonight!)… so TTFN!


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