Going well… part III…


Very busy day, on go most of day and loads of work to do too!

Started as usual with walk in English Garden for an hour:


2 swans on the edge of the Eisbach and here the light is still on after dark… however last week or whenever it was that my step dad and I rode our bikes through the English Garden @ night there were no lights and here it’s already quite light and it’s on… how silly is that!

Berry bar for breakfast:

this is an archive pic not the actual bar from today!

Then I cleared up my daughter’s room… much needed!  Then I went swimming for an hour and then into town shopping for bits and pieces!  Lunch was:

a Schnitzel  and potato salad and cranberry sauce… the Schnitzel war far too big so cut it in half and my daughter ate it cold when she got home from after school place!

Then off for dog walk with Daisy along the Isar:


very autumn-y!

When we got back I did some more work as we had to give someone his notice @ work today and had to prepare loads of papers for it!  Then I managed to go for a bike ride but only for 40 mins but I did it in interval training mode (this means you do 100 or 200 yards really fast and then normal again but then a bit later you do that again and I try to always do that or make sure I have hills or steep bits so that I am using more energy as well!):


here the Isar tributary coming into the Isar and here lights on along one of the bridges.

When I got back picked up my daughter and ate a snack, two small pieces of brown bread with butter and honey:

I made my daughter her dinner and ate mine too:

a Thai Lemon Grass soup with scampi and a salad with tomatoes, cucumber, peanuts and sweetcorn, and the soup has flowers in it too (the purple bits!).  It tasted very good!

For a desert I had a small piece of Ritter Dark chocolate (i.e. the one with loads of cocoa!):

Walk tonight isn’t going to happen as hubby is out @ an important business meeting until late so will just be a 5 mins round the block thing… I am sure Daisy won’t mind she had 2 1 hour walks today so I am sure she won’t mind chilling for once!  As been going so well I chose to call this post going well… part III, as I have already had 2 parts..!?!  That’s it for tonight, so TTFN!


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