Today has been pretty busy with work, sport and then piano lessons and shopping and to top it all Parent Association evening which I have been roped into YET again (rant, rant!) so today is going to be a really QUICK post!

Walks and sports:


English Garden in the morning for 1 hour (no pic), then work and after work 1 hour swimming (1st photo), then shortened lunch time walk with Daisy only 45 mins along Isar (2nd pic), then bike ride for 55 mins along Isar and up hill to Friedens Engel (pic 3 and 4), then 30 mins with Daisy in Hofgarten (no pic).



Berry bar for breakfast, lamb, rosemary potatoes and green beans with bacon and onions (the lamb was a bit rare for my taste so only ate about half of it… Daisy got quite a few titbits!), an apple on the walk, followed by:


2 small Quark balls (no filing), handful of walnuts and for dinner, the last of the Pumpkin soup from yesterday in the tiny wooden bowl and vegetable salad (salad with roast cold veg on top – courgette, onions, fennel and peppers) and a bit of bread which I added after photo so not in pic.

After walk with Daisy after dinner had to go to Parent Association evening which went on for 2 hours and now I am done and ready for bed so that’s it for me today… TTFN!


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