Loads of sports…!


Today was ok although I was off work so did loads of sports!  English Garden walk in FOG (again!):


first picture the fog in the distance and the second picture we’ve just missed the leaf blowing machine which you can see in the clear path and the leaves quite a way away!

Breakfast was a berry bar again (as usual!), no photo!

Then I went swimming for an hour and after the swimming, rode on my bike for 20 mins to meet my mum for lunch, which was a Chicken Satay skewers salad with one piece of bread:

which was quite good!

On the way back I rode my bike along the Frankfurter Ring and then along A9 to Aumeister where I joined the Isar and then rode back to the centre taking 1 hour 5 mins:


first picture proving how far I have cycled, the second picture off the bridge into the water of the Isar, and the last picture is along the way I just thought the light was nice!

As soon as I got home I took Daisy and we went along the Isar again for an hours walk (well 1 hour 12 mins):


Here the autumn views first on the left hand side of the Isar, then from the bridge in the middle of the walk and lastly on the other side!

I then rushed to pick up my daughter – as she requested – and she told me to go again and come back in an hour!  Which I did!

So I had a snack whilst waiting:

When we got back afterwards I had another snack:

just a 1/4 of a bar of chocolate (Ritter Schokolade) a new one with lots of cocoa… I seem to have a real sweet tooth @ the moment and need something sweet most days and I chose this as had a lot of cocoa and not so big, about as big as my finger!

After picking up my daughter, she went out with her friend and I did some work and then ate a Pumpkin soup and a brown muesli roll:

unfortunately I cooked it too much and it was HOT and burnt my tongue… but still tasted good!

Daisy and I went for a walk for 30 mins @ the end of the evening:

here German efficiency @ its best the path is clear of leaves…!

One last thing I ate this evening was 2 Figs:

only ate 2 of these, just for the picture!

By the way (btw) the title is an old English thing, or supposed to be…


see link the phrase starts about 22 seconds in!  With the LOADS OF SPORTS of today hopefully LOADS OF WEIGHT LOSS tomorrow…!  TTFN


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