Another week… let’s hope there some progress this week..!


So, survived another week!  And on to another one and let’s hope there is some downward progress this week!  I still have to get back to my original weight before I got visitors @ the end of September and I’m about a kilo away but seem to just go up and down all the time but no real down down down…!

Walk in morning was nice, mild but pretty foggy:


Then work and a Herbalife berry bar for breakfast @ work:

I was allowed to leave work a little early so went swimming for an hour, then to the Viktualien Markt for a Falafel Salad with Pita bread:

tastes really good and the Falafel with its good protein was just the right thing after sports and it filled me up to!

Next stop home and out with Daisy along the Isar for an hour and when I got back I had a banana, walnuts and cheese snack:

Then I went to pick up my daughter and when I got back I had another snack:


a curd pastry but only a third of one (Quark Schnecke) which was nice as wasn’t too sweet!

For dinner later I had a salad with about 5 tiny beef bits, peppers, carrots, bean sprouts, peanuts and salad:

with 2 tiny pieces of bread.

Then last walk of the day with Daisy for 30 mins and now on to another new day with hopefully LOADS of weight loss… let’s see!  TTFN


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