Another Sunday…!


My hubby and daughter are back and she has grown… its only been 6 days but somehow she has grown!

But for some reason had a bit of a binge in the evening when they had already arrived!  NO IDEA what came over me, I ate a chocolate filled doughnut that my daughter had brought and not eaten and then about 10 small chocolates and several handfuls of walnuts from the grandparents garden!  Obviously felt horrible afterwards and of course had put on a few hundred grams in the morning, but that’s not that surprising, after that lot!  Anyway now the confession is over can get on with my Sunday!

In the morning I went for a dog walk but shortened version as my daughter already up and wanting attention!  So only 30 mins:

and along the way I saw this lovely spider web with dew on it!

Also there are new benches in the Hofgarten:


wonder if Oliver ever comes here to think etc?

When I got back my daughter had cleared out her cupboard and so we put stuff on ebay and we successfully sold 5 things whilst still entering details of the new things!  The Sunday Steak House Family Tradition was next and I ate a steak and salad as usual:


on the left hand side the salad and on the right hand side I forgot to take photo and only remembered half way through so that’s why so little left on plate!

Then my daughter and I wanted to go for a walk with Daisy and my daughter went on her roller blades but half way through our walk her best friend (whose birthday it was!) called us up and asked if my daughter would play @ her house and they picked us up, my daughter in roller blades!

I went on for a walk along the Isar where there were loads of people:

And as my daughter’s entertainment was catered for I went on for a bike ride for an hour and 13 mins!  It was pretty dark at the end of the bike ride:


After bike ride an apple:

Before I picked up my daughter from her friend’s house I took Daisy for a quick walk.

This is opposite where my daughters’ friend lives and it’s an old people’s home and from this angle and in the dark it looks scaaary!

Then we had dinner:

mine was the rest of the Borscht soup, with sour creme and dill and 3 little pieces of the left over walnut bread with butter, but no salad this time as I was trying to compensate for the binge last night and the steak @ lunch, and again it was delicious!

Then Daisy and I went out for the last walk of the day for half an hour, and so a new week starts and let’s hope it goes well, TTFN!


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