Last day of freedom…!


Hubby and daughter are due back home tonight so no more cinema during the day and bike rides all day long!  No just kidding am looking forward to them coming back!  The Sneak last night was a bit weird and only thing that was interesting about it was Sean Penn’s performance and Dublin!  Otherwise nothing special!

Got up quite early for a Saturday after my sneak and went for an hour walk in English Garden with Daisy:


Autumn and the Mounted Police!

Then breakfast was a lovely brown roll with sunflower seeds, cut in half one side with butter and honey and one with  butter, marmite and cheddar cheese:


After breakfast I went shopping with my friend at Schustermann & Borenstein (clothes warehouse) via the English Garden on my bike taking 45 mins:

where I bought some cheap wellies and cheap Reeboks and we had lunch there, a big salad with warm goat cheese and roast pumpkin:

and home via Olympia taking 1 hour:


on the way the BMW trio… the BMW offices on the right, the museum in the middle and on the far left (can’t see it properly but its the place where you pick up your car and its part museum too!). then horses on grounds of Olympia eating grass after the horse show there and then on the right the Olympic lake!

When I got back I had a lemon protein bar cut up small:


and a small apple from the market!

Then I went for a 30 mins walk with Daisy and on way back picked up a Borscht soup which my friend had made and she had made lots so had some for ME too!  I ate this with half a walnut roll and a salad and sour cream and dill:

and you can also see a naughty-ness at the bottom of the picture a Mozart Kugel (a chocolate filled with marzipan and nougat!).

After dinner Daisy and I went for the last walk of the day for 30 mins and now I am going to chill in front of the tv or read and wait for MY FAMILY to come HOME!  So TTFN.

P.S.  I must mention 2 other things regarding food…!  My lunch companion didn’t finish her Spaghetti so I ate 2 forkfuls of what she left over but there was still some left over AND I also ate a Blinchik (my lunchtime companion who made the Borscht soup , also made Blinchik (the thin Russian pancakes with filing!) and she gave me one with the Borscht and I ate it as soon as I got home… I did give Daisy 3 bits of it so that I wouldn’t eat it all, and it was DELICIOUS!  My friend makes them fantastically THIN! Thank you!


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