Friday night… yeah!


Well it’s the weekend soooooon great…!  Day started with walk as usual:


the Eisbach with some lovely trees and my berry bar for breakfast.

Then I went swimming for an hour and lunch was Pad Thai again with chicken and tofu and as a treat a pink Petit fours!:

although the Petit fours is sort of hidden on the left!

After lunch walk along the Isar in the autumny climate:


with Daisy in the last picture!


and here the pile of leaves, some statue and the Friedens Engel in the background as well as a nice blue graffiti of a bird, a fish and right on the left an octopus!

Had plans to go to the cinema to see One Day (see Book I am reading!) with a friend and to get there I went the long way around via the English Garden

(the view across the lake) and Petuelring, didn’t manage the Olympic stadium in time so took a short cut @ the Petuelring to the Cinema and beforehand I ate a Tunafish, capers and tomato warm Panini – forgot photo!  My friend had given me 2 Pralinen (posh chocolate) and I shared them i.e. one each during the film!  The film was quite good and very much like the book!

Then bike home the normal way!

Daisy was waiting for me to feed her and whilst she ate I snacked on the Chicken Tikka bits I had not eaten last night and brought home… delicious even when cold!:

and Daisy was also waiting to go for a walk so we went through town for 30 mins

and then I came home to write this before I go off again to the cinema to my Friday night Sneak!  My hubby and daughter come home tomorrow – YIPEE – I have missed them despite the many cinema visits!  Anyway again lots of sports and no real bad things to eat so scales should look good tomorrow, we’ll see, TTFN!


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