Well it’s going ok but could go better…!


Well it’s going but nothing special… Stayed up too late last night watching tv and reading… so couldn’t get up in the morning for our dog walk but after pressing snooze on the alarm about 10 times did manage to get up @ 8:20 a.m. or so and eventually got up and out:


scenes of the Eisbach river in the English Garden!

After the walk and breakfast, I went to the office to work a bit and then off for a swim for an hour!  After the swim went back home for lunch which was the Russian pancakes again with minced meat and the ratatouille cous cous salad from yesterday:

Then Daisy and I went for a walk along the Isar for an hour:


nice day – sunny but cold, first picture the council emptying leaves from their leaf-clearing machine at one of the bridges!

After the walk had to meet some guys from our company who needed to pick up papers etc and had to wait about (of course..!), but then managed to get away for a bike ride for an hour and 10 mins:

right into rush hour and I felt sorry for all the people in their CARS going places whilst I was on my bike!


Olympic Stadium, the lake around the Stadium right at the top in the middle you can see the half-moon, and in the third picture you can’t see it very well but there is a huge red kite, it’s really big!

Snacks during afternoon:


a delicious apple from the market and a brown bread roll with butter and honey!

After the bike ride and sorting Daisy’s food I went to get some food with a girlfriend before going to the cinema:

Chicken Tikka and rice and a bit of Naan in the local Indian and then “Tower Heist” @ the English Cinema:


which was nothing special but it was funny and action was pretty good!

Went to cinema on bike so cold ride home!  Synopsis of day, lots of sport and not too much eating so let’s hope the scales look good tomorrow! TTFN!


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