Your scales set the mood for the day…!


Among women (and I suppose men too!) who have problems with their weight, as well as lots of  ‘normal’ women the step on the scales in the morning can set the mood for the day!  Of course for some people – normal people – this sounds absolutely crazy but the ones amongst us who can relate to it know what I am talking about!

It can mean a yipeee as one has lost weight

A groan as one has put on weight

A sigh of relief when one has not put on weight OR

A motivation after the groan when the scales have just gone too far UPWARDS!

This last was the climb on the scales today… I am just too near to a weight that I just DON’T WANT TO BE and this motivates me to sort it out… however it doesn’t keep me motivated but certainly will for the next few days.

So today after the visit to the scales (for those who don’t know what scales are they are “die Waage” – German!) I went for a dog walk with Daisy in the English Garden for an hour:

where the colours of the autumn are very pretty!

Then I went to work and ate my berry bar:

made into a happy face – MOTIVATION, MOTIVATION, MOTIVATION!

After work I ate a Goat cheese flute and a ratatouille salad with cous cous and vegetables:

a new salad from Dukatz which was very good with peppers, carrots, courgettes, spices and the cous cous!

After lunch an hour walk along the Isar:


where you cannot see the path for leaves…!

I then went out on the bike to do some bits and pieces collecting post from various post offices!  So on the bike for about an hour on and off!

Then I had to go to our accountants… that was nice (NOT!) but managed to sort a few things!

Daisy and I went for a half hour walk after the accountants and then I had dinner – a salad with beef, peanuts, spring rolls, carrots and salad, a bit of bread and butter:

Last walk of the day was through town and the Hofgarten for 30 mins.  I was a little peckish so decided to have an apple and 2 very thin slices of cheddar when I got back and it was just right!

Now to see how my scales will set the mood tomorrow… TTFN!


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