The Nun…


Ok, ok I am sorry I haven’t posted for several days… really I have just been lazy and also busy, but before I tell you of my last few days I must tell you about the Nun!

This morning I went to the bakery on way to dog walk, so I was in the bakery and then walked for about 10 mins when a nun called from across the street, I thought she was going to ask me the way to the local nunnery around the corner… when she very carefully told me that there was something wrong with my skirt…!  It had got stuck in the back of my tights so I was walking into the bakery and also around the place for 10 mins without anyone telling me UNTIL the Nun told me and she was more embarrassed than me!  Poor woman!  And poor me showing my tights etc off!

So what’s happened the last few days, nothing…!  I didn’t get to do much sport over the weekend and it was pretty much all about entertaining my daughter before she went away with her father to see her grandparents, which she did late last night!  The only thing I did do, was walking and seeing the autumn really take a hold of Munich:


Today I got up late (bank holiday) and went to the English Garden with Daisy:


Then in the afternoon another walk along the Isar, here the Queen has finally dumped the dwarves (they are lying down around her!), the swans in the Eisbach and the sun over the Isar!

here a fisher has just fished a fish out of the Isar!

and here is a sad sight… they have put up the gravel supply for the winter and there is no sign of snow or ice yet but its way too early!

In the afternoon I went to see the new Tintin film:

which was quite good, well I enjoyed it!

Breakfast was a goat cheese flute and after the cinema I went for some sushi, although I forgot to take a photo!

My weight is still just going up and down and then up and then down again, so no real progress but I am trying to keep it up (the dieting and exercise not the weight) and hope to do a little more sport with my daughter being away for a few days but we will see, I will report here as usual!  TTFN!


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