Nothing special…!


Sorry didn’t post yesterday I a) didn’t have time and b) was snacking in the afternoon so didn’t feel up to it to write about it!

Walk in morning was nice as always:


with lots of autumn!

Lunch was Pad Thai with chicken and tofu again:


with a Petit four as a desert, not very big one – smaller than the my palm!

In the evening I went to my Sneak and it was OK, nothing special although funny – Real Steel –

As usual it got late and was wound up because of the film,  so I was still awake @ 2:30 am!

But up @ 9 am… of course!  Was bumbling about all morning with housework and bits and bobs and didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast but lovely day (very autumny) on quick walk with Daisy around the block:


but lunch was:

a Pumpkin pancake with special ‘Mountain’ cheese (Bergkäse) melted on top and a salad with Pumpkin seeds on top!  Tasted nice!

Spent the whole afternoon doing housework stuff… I actually felt good about it, as sorted loads of stuff, sideboards that needed sorting out and also did 2 loads of washing!  No sports though!

Had half a pizza for dinner a Diabola pizza (which is spicy salami and chilli) but I only ate half of it!  Forgot to photograph it too!

Tomorrow I am going to a reading of my other step-cousins book in the Münchner Kammerspiele Theater of his new book – his third, so should be good!  And after that maybe to the Westbad (fancy swimming pool!) with my daughter and her friend!  So TTFN!


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