So mild…!


No headache but still very mild, not warm to leave a coat @ home, but very Alp-like air causing headaches although I don’t have one today!  Walk was alone today (of course with Daisy!):


if you look closely @ the picture in the middle you can see Daisy walking on the other side of the Eisbach (little River, part of Isar!), for some reason she went on the other side on this part of the walk!

Then I had to go to the Infernal (!) Revenue (Finanzamt = Internal Revenue) for some papers which I couldn’t get as didn’t have the proper papers with me…! TYPICAL!  Was so frustrated decided to take the long way (1 hour) bike ride home via the Olympic Stadium again:


First pic you can see the silly Mini a little better and even better in the middle picture and on the 3rd pic just a pic of the swimming pool and tower!

After the bike ride I went swimming for an hour!

Lunch was Sushi:

the Spring rolls not a good idea and I had 3 other plates of sushi which I forgot to photograph.

Daisy and I went for walk after lunch for 35 mins (shortened version as my daughter wanted to be picked up earlier today!).

2 snacks in the afternoon:

lemon protein bar and an apple (no photo!).

Dinner was very quick as in hurry:

A bread roll with butter and marmite and cheddar cheese as well as beetroot and apple and then pressed together!  Yummy!

Then I went to a reading of my step-cousin newest book quite late @ 8:30 so won’t have time to blog about that but will involve a bike ride there! So TTFN!


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