Headache because of weird weather… but still going well!


Woke up with headache as it is weird weather, a very mild day… cold but warm but chilli but warm… weird just like I said!

But walk in morning nice:

Was @ work when I got a call from my daughter’s teacher, I have to pick her up as she had just been sick in the break… she’d been sick in her lunch box…!  So she had to come to work with me as still had stuff to do!

Then I had lunch with her best friends mother and wanted to cancel but my daughter said she’d stay @ home and I could go… so I did and it was a sort of Italian restaurant but also with Greek and Yugoslavian… so I suppose it’s a Mediterranean kind of restaurant where I ate chicken on Mediterranean Vegetables and sour cream and it was very good:

When I got home I had a mini small Kit Kat for desert:

they are smaller than normal Kit Kat’s and they are only 2 fingers instead of 4… so not that bad!

I had to do some kind of sport and Daisy needed to go out so my daughter let me go out again (!?) and Daisy and I went for an 45 mins walk.

Then I was @ home with my daughter doing homework and stuff and then she said she was well enough to go to Piano lesson so we did!

Whilst she was @ piano I bought a hot cross bun but ate only 1/2 of it:

not good but I just had a sweet tooth again!  But I did throw the other half away!

Then home and I made my daughter some food and ate the salad I had bought whilst she was @ her piano lesson:

was with goat cheese, grapes, walnuts, lots of peppers and salad BUT NO BREAD!  Decided against the bread because of the kit kat and hot cross bun!

Hubby on the go again so didn’t get a chance for an evening walk and anyway decided was too cold and dark, as clocks go back this weekend so that’s why its getting dark so early!  No idea what scales will say tomorrow as have had the kit kat and hot cross bun and hardly did any sport of biking or walking… so let’s see! TTFN!


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