What can I say… still going well!


Pretty cold but sunny again and lovely walk, chatting and the dogs playing… well the dog from the dog walk lady… Daisy just walked whilst the other dog chases a tennis ball! The sun was in the distance:

Breakfast was some bread and ham:

No work today so I went for a swim for an hour!  Then I had a Thai for lunch Beef, broccoli, carrot, soya beansprouts, beans, baby sweetcorn and rice noodles (although I took half of the noodles away and didn’t eat them!):


and because I was soooo proud of myself for putting half of the noodles away I decided to have the last chocolate flake thingy!

Then walk with Daisy but we went the other way around the Isar…!

Where I met the autumn in full swing:


leaves everywhere… so much you can’t see the path and in the middle of the Isar a fisherman… have to zoom into last picture here to see him probably!

I usually pass the bridge in the distance on the other way around!

Then an apple for a snack when I got back:

I’ve forgotten what sort of apple this is… it’s a new one, which the Apple stall @ the Thursday market here has developed and say they didn’t get many off the trees this time but hopefully next year and I won’t get them next week, should have bought more…!

Then I went for a bike ride along the Isar for 45 mins, where I saw:


a really old tree, the bridge from my bike (lucky I didn’t fall off whilst taking the photo!) and then the lovely sun in the distance along the Isar in the third pic!

After I picked my daughter up I ate half a brown roll with butter and honey:

After doing some bits and bobs @ home like cooking for my daughter and hubby, I ate a chicken soup that my mother had made and had as left overs, with a salad and also although some may shudder when I say this – I added 7 small Russian Pilmeni (ravioli type with minced meat!) because it doesn’t really fit together – chicken and mince, but it did fit in the soup very well and was delicious:

like I say it was DELICIOUS…!

After dinner, I managed to go for another dog walk through town with Daisy for half an hour and now I have to do some work for hubby and then its off to bed to read… my new book is nearly finished and it’s brilliant and soooo funny…:


so TTFN!


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