Carry on… going well…!


So, so far its still going well, no cold turkey type symptoms!  Walk in morning was cooold but a little sunny and the day progressed to be pretty sunny (see photos later!).  Walk was nice although Daisy being a bit naughty (more than usual!) and kept stopping to eat stuff off the ground – you’d think she was on a diet!?  I think they are some kind of nut things lying around, no idea but bloody annoying!  Anyway no photos this morning and work was nice as was told I could leave early, so left @ about 11:20 and decided to go for a bike ride as such a nice day!

I managed to find the road I couldn’t find last time where I ended up lost for 20 mins and went along the Petuel Ring, where I found this:

I have no idea what it is… it’s obviously a Mexican donkey and boy with loads of things to carry and it is in an area where it could be said that lots of foreigners live but still I have no idea what it is doing there!

Here’s the Olympic Tower from VERY NEAR:


and here from pretty far away!  The first picture I was right underneath!


here a view across the lake to the Olympic Hill and here a close up as you can see a Mini walking (driving!) on water in the middle of the lake, actually it is stationary as an advert!

The bike ride too 1 hour and 11 mins!  And on way back went into town and went to the great Falafel place and took a Falafel in Pita bread with salady bits home to eat:

not such a good picture but can’t really get a good one of the Falafel pita bread!

Then a walk with Daisy along the Isar for about an hour


here in the middle picture the tree has tried to get @ the sunshine along the river and ended up growing on the railings!

After walk I watched a bit of crap daytime tv – a reality show but just to get my breath back as wanted to go for another bike ride…!

Which I did to the Zoo for 45 mins!  Wow I am such a star… so much EXERCISE!

Then home where I had a protein bar as its best to eat protein when you’ve exercised (or within 40 mins) as your muscle bits (no idea what they are called in English) are open and most receptive:

a lemon protein bar (my favourite!).

After picking up my daughter with Daisy in tow I ate an apple too!

Then for dinner I had a salad with a Walnut Bread bun with butter:

After dinner went for a half hour walk with Daisy along the Maximillianstr. and through the Hofgarten!  Where I saw this red carpet event (photo not so good!):

Then, as hubby back had to do a load of work for our company with him and that is why I am only now @ after 10pm German time getting around to updating the blog!  I am very curious as to what the scales will say tomorrow as doing loads of exercise can have the opposite affect on the scales if it can build up muscles doing so much exercise and as muscles weigh more than fat…!  So maybe I did too much today… we’ll see, TTFN!


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