In-door playground day again… lovely… (NOT!)..


Had a bit of a moment last night and ate:

5 Liquorice Allsorts… which is NOT SO BAD, as only 5 of them and not the whole packet but not good either!

And @ least the weight is still going down but not down enough yet to update my weight loss stats but not long now!  Then it is ALL DOWN HILL from there!  In a good sense obviously!

Today I had a flute for breakfast:

with spicy salami and very thinly cut parmesan, I know I usually have it for lunch (but with a salad!) but today I fancied it for breakfast!

Today it was inside playground day again… but my daughter took a different friend…:

here I took some files and did some work and ate this for lunch:

it was a salad with chicken breast and 4 tiny bits of french bread and it had loads of herbs in it and was fresh so for a ‘fast-food’ salad wasn’t bad!

In between I had a snack… actually it was more BOREDOM I think…(!):


an apple and later a very, very THIN piece of chocolate cake!

On way home lovely sky:

well in the distance it was a bit red you can’t see it so well on the photo!

For dinner I had:

3 Ikea crispbreads with butter and with the cheese ones marmite and an apple, on the one with salami I had a sour pickle!

That’s all for today… no chance for a walk or any kind of sport @ all!  But food-wise went fine apart from the cake…!  So TTFN!


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