So far so good…!


It’s still going good and so, so far so good!  No real dog walk today as couldn’t really get away as on my own with my daughter!

Breakfast was a berry bar (as usual!) and lunch before my daughter went to a birthday party was another salad (like yesterday!) with a bit of bread:

Then I took my daughter to her party and I went to the cinema, to see “The skin I live in” the new Almodovar which was very good and on way back went home on bike via the Olympic stadium:


After the party we took Daisy for a quick walk and then dinner, I ate a carrot/pumpkin soup and 2 pieces of bread, with butter and some cheese, and as wasn’t really enough I ate some of the  bread with more cheese and an apple:


The sneak I missed last night was “One Day” which I finished reading today so glad didn’t see the film as would have known the end of the film before I had finished the book!  Nothing more exciting today i.e. no more walks or anything, just chilling with my daughter… so TTFN!


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