Going well Part II….!


Well it’s still going well..!  I am surprised but still have such a long way to go…!  So am staying optimistic but a bit suspicious!

Very cold today, -1°C when went out for walk!

although beautiful sunrise next to Friedensengel!


fog, fog, sunshine and sunshine on walk!

Was @ work and then went swimming for an hour and then met my mother for lunch in Brenners:


where I ate:

which was a small crab salad on minced avocado and thin slices of sun-dried tomatoes and 2 pieces of bread with specially fried mushrooms on them!

Then for a walk with Daisy along the Isar, but a shortened version taking only 45 mins:

I then had some work to do (involving errands) but in-between went for a bike ride along the Isar (in other direction of the above photo!)


but I joined the Isar at a different place via the Mae West statue (see previous post) and across the bridge where I saw another lock of love!  Here no names but a heart and last photo a nice bench by some steps direct down to the Isar.

After bike ride taking about 45 mins, picked up my daughter and we tried the our bakery which has just reopened after a re-vamp and I bought some 2 cornflakes chocolate flakes thingy and I ate one:

they are made with dark chocolate and very chewy but very nice and it wasn’t so big so not too much of a sin!

Then  I had to go into town doing bits and bobs!  Dinner was late but it was a salad picked up in town with Beef, peppers, spring onions, salad, carrots, peanuts and soya beansprouts (I am really not sure what they are really called I seem to have forgotten!):

with a small piece of brown bread!

The evening was bit fraught as hubby had decided to go away for the weekend and had a bit of an argument with our daughter and hubby left in a bit of state leaving us in a bit of a state too!  But I hope when we’ve all slept on it it will be ok, only good thing about it is that I wasn’t involved this time (unusual!)!

Weekend going to be a challenge… haven’t had a ‘being good’ weekend for a while!  But I am positive, TTFN!


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