Going well…!


Well I must say it is going well now for the fourth day… who knows maybe I can do it after all…!  Very optimistic obviously but I am trying to stay positive!

Lovely day again, although sunny it was a bit cold!:


here some lovely swans diving down to get bits to eat… if only I could only eat grass and river-weeds!

After the hours walk, breakfast was a berry bar!  Then I decided to do some sport and went swimming, and in case you’ve forgotten how FABULOUS the pool is:

and I was very lucky only one person in the pool with me but only for half the time so had the pool mostly to MYSELF!

Then I bought myself a Thai lunch:


a glass noodle salad with chicken and thai basil and lemon grass and a papaya salad with tiny, tiny shrimps (second pic just an enlargement of the papaya salad), it was very good and as was quite a large portion, which even though calorie-wise NOT BAD @ ALL, it filled me up after my sport!

Then Daisy and I went for a walk but in my ‘POSH’ winter jacket (i.e. the one that fits, see WJP post!) as was SO cold!


and it’s being very autumny… here a load of leaves on the ground:

Then in the spirit of really getting it together decided to go for a bike ride as well:


here the Isar including on the right hand pic you can see loads of branches that were washed up with the rain last week (see previous posts)!

here a house full of autumn leaves!

After my bike ride, picked up my daughter and sorted stuff out @ home!  Then I ate a lemon protein bar!

and after sorting out dinner for my daughter (chicken and rice) I had the following for dinner:

this is a mixed salad, a tabuleh salad (with cous cous, courgettes, raisins, sun dried tomato bits and chick peas) and a flute with spicy salami!  All very good and although it might look like a lot on the photo it wasn’t that much really and anyway mostly healthy!

Yet again (again… again… again!) hubby not back in time for me to go for a long dog walk but think it’s alright as did quite a lot of walking and sports today!

Hope I can keep this good positive attitude going and especially keep it going for a LONG time, let’s see how tomorrow goes!



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