Not such a nice day really… but only because it’s cold!


Well been busy today… dog walk in morning with nice chatting again but a little cold… but it got colder during the day!  Luckily the day was not so nice only because of the weather and not because I wasn’t motivated and busy… see below:

Was busy @ work and then got myself some lunch:

which consisted of a mixed salad on the left and a goat cheese, fig and honey flute and a little something new to try out from the shop a little round piece of bread with beef but you cannot see it so well in the photo!

Then an hour’s dog walk:


here on the pebble bank you can see loads of ducks etc and here on the right is a little path and a lovely wooden bridge!

Today is a bit busy with piano lessons etc so I went straight on a bike ride, but I took a wrong turning and ended up having to ride about 15 mins longer than I intended to get back on track, here’s some pics:


1st pic the lake in the English Garden

2nd pic the Skyline Towers in the background

3rd pic the Motorway A9… poor cars going somewhere!

4th pic a little stream right by a busy road!


the Tower by the Olympic Stadium and the Chinese Tower in the English Garden!

As a little snack I had 1/2 a brown roll with sunflower seeds and raisins:

Then for dinner I had bought a LOVELY soup, a pumpkin and coconut milk soup and a salad:

which was delicious, the soup more than the salad and I know they really, really don’t go together very well SALAD and SOUP but I wanted some more vegetables!

Again no walk as hubby BUSY @ WORK again!  So TTFN!


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