Working @ it…!


Today has gone OK, which means good but as it’s only been a day I am not holding my breath… I have to keep it up for sooo long for it to be any good but today still went good!

Lovely day… although started off really foggy:


and had a nice chat with the dog walk lady I sometimes meet, I don’t want to say her name or the dog’s name as I haven’t discussed ‘outing’ her on here so from now on she’s the dog walk lady… and we had a lovely chat making the dog walk of an hour went quickly and she says she’s going to bring me some info on a diet she once did…!  So if she finds it and brings it I will see if it’s any good!

Then working @ home and shopping and stuff and my lunch was the Russian pancakes again (the last frozen ones) with a salad and beetroot:


(not such a good photo!) and a waffle for desert!

Then walk along the Isar for just over an hour:


lovely sunny day..!  On the last photo but you can’t see it here there is a man sitting in the middle of the river fishing!

Then also some graffiti on a wall:

of insects!  Yes, its graffiti not real!

An apple for a snack when I got back:

Then decided to go for a bike ride along the Isar:


on the left picture you can see my shadow taking the photo!

This took an hour and 11 mins!

For dinner I had:


an omlette with vegetables: carrots, courgette, garlic, mushrooms, spinach, red peppers, herbs and a bit of curry powder!

Hubby busy again tonight so no dog walk after dinner…!  Let’s see what the scales say tomorrow…! TTFN!


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