WJP Dilemma…


Yes I have a BIG dilemma… apart from the obvious weight problem… I have another dilemma which is a WPJ one = Winter Jacket Problem… I have been pretty cold lately on the dog walks so went to get my Winter Jacket out of the cupboard – I have 2: a posh one and a dog walk one, both winter ones and both with goose feathers to keep really warm!  Anyway so I try them on and the dog walk one JUST ABOUT closed but I look like a complete sausage in it (i.e. pork stuffed into a skin…!) and I am also not sure if I can actually breathe in it without the zip breaking so that is NO GOOD!  Now my posh jacket does fit and does close but inside it has an elastic waist which is quite tight and ANYWAY I cannot wear my posh jacket for the dog walk, really I can’t.. !

So WHAT TO DO… the obvious… LOSE IT… I must get on with it… the thing is it goes well for a few days, say 3 days and then…!  I’ve already cut down on the sports as was doing too much making me get really hungry and now I have to worry about my ‘sweet tooth’ as well which seems to be rearing his ugly head more often than before and it rears its head after my 3 days of being good so have to get over that too!

OK, back to yesterday as didn’t post, breakfast was a berry bar (see previous posts for details!):


lunch was @ a steak house (food pics above) which we often do as a family outing on Sundays, before I had steak, salad and some kind of potato (either potato wedges, baked potato or chips) and now I usually ‘just’ have a steak and salad… when I say salad its everything but… the only salady bit is beetroot, tomatoes and cucumber and cabbage salad and some feta cheese but the rest potato and pasta salad, coleslaw etc is not really but I do have yoghurt dressing and not mayo or something!  Then didn’t eat all the salad as a starter but had it with my steak when it came too!

In afternoon I managed to go for a walk along the Isar for 45 mins so that was nice


herea picture or today (on left), as opposed to the photo on the right which was a few days ago and you couldn’t see the stones and now the left hand pic you can, also the canals from the underwater bit of Isar was much higher on the right as opposed to left!

and here you can see the nice weather through the trees!  In the evening I went to the cinema again with a friend and as was all a bit rushed and ended up eating Nachos with cheese and jalapeno where the latter was the only healthy bit @ the cinema!

Today has started really well (but experience has shown it doesn’t last, let’s see if it works this time!), walk in cold and foggy English Garden for an hour in the cold:


and fog… in first picture a few swans swimming in the foggy cold!

breakfast @ work was a berry bar, cut up small as above!

After work I bought a salad to eat with my Russian pancakes (of which I still have 4 in the freezer with mince meat, only 2 now!) and together with beetroot it was my lunch:

Then for another dog walk along the Isar for 45 mins:


here again a comparison – you can see how water has gone down on the left today and the pic last week on the right!

As I am so motivated on a MONDAY  I went for a bike ride through the English Garden and around town (but no photos as was racing to do the bike ride and as was in town too much traffic to stop and take pics all the time!).  I went to a cafe on the way back to read my new book (see Book I am reading!) and I ate a chocolate biscuit there:

I know, I know NOT GOOD but wanted a little something…!

Then back home and sorting my daughter, and dinner was Sushi which I had picked up in town earlier (not bike ride but earlier than bike ride!):

Hubby busy with work tonight so won’t get a long dog walk but will report tomorrow if I do…! TTFN


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