Hard work…@ doing nothing!


Well this is not easy… having lost so much weight twice… once nearly 15 years ago and now 18 months ago going up the HARD, LONG road to losing weight again its hard work!

And I am not losing it.. except my head!

Didn’t post on Friday as was bit busy… as was selling stuff at a Flea Market and that involved sorting the table at the start and then putting out the stuff before the actual sale… as you cannot put out your good stuff until it actually starts as they sometimes disappear…!  More later.

The morning walk on Friday was:


a bit grey and foggy but some sun!

I had a croissant for breakfast and then was @ work and then I went for a bike ride as knew would be stressed all day and not able to do any sports AGAIN!:

Here Isar still quite full @ the zoo!

Then sorting the flea market before a lovely lunch with my mother @ an Italian, I had some Calamari and Giant Shrimps with a Salad, as was stressed out I forgot to photograph it!

Then flea market went well or rather I managed to sell quite a few BIG and expensive things so was worth it in the end for me!  Then helping clearing up and my daughter also sold some of her toys so made some money!

The evening was busy entertaining my daughter and putting the stuff I didn’t sell at the flea market on Ebay which isn’t all that much because the stuff I have been trying to sell for several flea markets I added to the pile of stuff going to the caritas charity.  So see how that goes (Ebay)!

Then I went to my Sneak which was brilliant Another Earth http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1549572/ which gave great food for thought and I enjoyed it too!  I went on the bike and as its got so cold it was freezing there and back at 11pm and 1:30 am…!

Ok and now Saturday…!

My daughter and I had croissant for breakfast (not good but as usual @ least from the healthy-ish French place!), then we went for a long walk into town for some books (for my daughter) and bit and bobs although she wanted to buy a hair band and we ended up buying a Halloween costume for my daughter!

For lunch my mother invited me and my daughter to lunch I had a backed potato with sour cream and little mushrooms (Pfefferlinge = chanterelles) and salad – forgot photo again!

Afternoon was hanging about and sorting more Ebay stuff and so on the front of food and exercise and losing weight not much GOING ON today…!

The real problem is that I have to find my MOJO!  I have to find my motivation again and I wouldn’t have started this blog as a part of motivating me if I didn’t want to get going!  However its very hard work… and @ the moment I am working hard @ doing nothing!  Let’s see how it goes tomorrow and…!  TTFN


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