Getting there…!


Well a bit of a boring day… no real sport as weather not so nice, although afternoon was ok but coooold!  So took a break from sport today, apart from my morning walk for an hour and lunchtime walk for an hour of course!

Morning walk was VERY WET for an hour… I had my big rain mac on… this was too big for me when I weighed much more and now that I have lost some weight already (last year!) it’s even BIGGER for me but it keeps me DRY!

So breakfast a berry bar again…(!):

cut up into bite size bites and in my little bowl!

Lunch was a glass noodle salad with prawns and cucumber and herbs and also some giant prawns on a stick with cucumber and sweet and sour sauce, tasted good!

Like I mentioned above an hour walk @ lunch too:


here you can’t really see it unless you can zoom in that its even too wet for the Ducks… they are on the island in the first photo and in the second photo flooding all around, the sides on the left are usually empty of water and you can walk there!

Afternoon as busy again with work and my daughter and dinner was a sausage in a bread roll (hot dog!) from the local market on Thursdays.. not the best thing but I fancied it and as the day was not normal in that I didn’t do a big bike ride I decided it didn’t matter, I expect I have lost nothing or if I have put on it will be minimal!  So I thought it would be ok, we’ll see tomorrow!

Walk again in evening with Daisy for 30 mins:


still quite a few cars in town… and in the Hercules Saal something going on and the balcony balustrades looks nice…!

Here’s to another new day!  TTFN


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