Getting there…!


Well, ok that is very positive but its the second day of being able to ‘control’ myself, of course I need a couple of weeks of ‘controlling’ myself for it to be any good but like I just say it’s been a good day…!  Started as always with dog walk, although today Daisy and I had an ‘old walking’ friend with us, she has had a bit of a break from early morning walks but today she had time so time on the walk went quickly!

Breakfast was a berry bar and a little piece of a brown roll with nuts and raisins and sunflower seeds that I didn’t finish yesterday:

Today was @ work so busy in morning and lunch was:

2 pancakes packed with fried vegetables and Schmand (this is a sour creme but with only 10% fat), and a salad, both were very good and tasty!

Then an hour’s walk along the Isar:


Back home and did another hour’s work (contracts… ugh!) and then I went for a bike ride along the Isar:


yes.. these are really sheep… they are allowed to go there and are herded from bits of grass to other bits of grass…!

also pretty graffiti under the Friedens Engel bridge!

Then it was piano lesson time for my daughter and for me it meant shopping in the centre – where I had a snack:

A raisin bun!  And bought my dinner:

photo not so good again but its a salad with Tandori Chicken and a muesli bread roll which I had a little butter on!  Both very good.

Last walk of the day with Daisy in the Hofgarten, along the way… a picture of the many, many building sites in Munich:

although you can’t actually see it very well here except that the 2 lights in the sky are on a HUGE crane!

And then I also had to share this with you, another crazy shop window:

reindeer’s or rather their horn thingy’s (I’ve forgotten what they are called in English!) with ties, scarves, cups etc hanging off them!

I feel very positive so far this week and although its only day 2 or being ‘good’ and in ‘control’ I am positive and hope it carries on!  TTFN


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