Another day…!


Well today went much better… but its only one day so who can say!

Walk in morning in a very mild climate…!

here the Eisbach pretty full and Daisy there on the left!

here another one of these locks claiming LOVE FOREVER and underneath the bridge you can see the fast flowing water!

Today a bit of pampering as went to hairdressers and on way back took a bike ride along the Isar to the Zoo… the Isar was very, very FULL!  And also very warm all day, not just the mild morning!


Here a few pictures!

My lunch was Pad Thai with chicken again… delicious!

Then I went for another walk with Daisy to burn off the above calories:


Here’s along the Isar… here is a pile of leaves as autumn has started in Munich… here they are piled up!


here a very fulllll Isar and here a pile of logs that have got stuck!  The walk took just over an hour so good for the calories (I hope!).


Dinner was a walnut bread roll above left without trimmings and on right hand side with butter, marmite, cheddar cheese, apple and beetroot!  Tasted very good and pretty filing as the bread roll had walnuts and some other seeds!

After dinner another ‘quick’ walk with Daisy and the full moon:

and I saw these ‘horrible’ bags I mean who wears pink and purple…!

Also what on earth is this… is it a fashion thing or…?:

and now the moon:


and a last snack for the night:

And now TTFN..


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