Not really dieting…!


The title of my post today is true… I am not really DIETING… so not really LOSING IT IN MUNICH… the only true part is that I am IN MUNICH!  I am looking @ what I am eating and I am walking and biking but not enough for LOSING IT and I am showing you bits of Munich from the walks and bike rides but as I say not LOSING IT!

Can’t really say what I ate or what we did except it was a HORRIBLE day with RAIN, RAIN, RAIN:


Here the rain out from the dashboard of my car on the motorway to Ikea, because that’s where we went… to buy a box for my daughter’s room… of course we came home with loads of stuff just not the box…!  Because that’s what happens @ Ikea… you bring a load of crap back and maybe 1 of the 5 things are of any use!  And you eat ice cream and hot dogs… well my daughter had an ice cream (from the brilliant machine) and I ate a hot dog – no photos I’m afraid…!

Then on way back we decided to go to the car wash:


This is inside the car wash… the brushes etc… just can’t project the noise whilst you are in there!  And my daughter loves it!

I have no pictures of the food I ate but not diet food!

Then today I had a croissant from the french bakery round the corner and for lunch:

its Linguine, scampi and tomatoes and also some little bits of other fishy things… I think mussels.. it tasted good!  Unfortunately too much, I remembered to take the photo as I was eating but I did leave a little bit on the plate!

In afternoon weather cleared up although its ‘Effing COLD!


But here you can see the beautiful part of the day and here you can’t see the cold either


here’s the path we usually take every day but the other way around, i.e. we are coming from the other side here!  Daisy there in the first picture!

The rest of the day won’t be on here until tomorrow, no idea about dinner tonight because we are going to my step sisters sons performance in Joseph and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat…!  And it doesn’t start until 8pm so by the time its finished and by the time we get home will probably be too late for an update on here… so TTFN until tomorrow!


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