Weekends can be GOOD and BAD… good to relax and spend time with the family together and bad because food is usually much more relaxed and goes out of the window.. @ least for me!  When I say goes out of the window I mean one tends to get up late and therefore eat late and then whole ‘regular’ eating is not REGULAR as the day goes on!  I find it easier food-wise if I have a definite time for eating etc i.e. my body gets too hungry if I eat later than I usually do!

This means I have usually eaten breakfast by 9am and lunch between 12 and 1 and dinner (early) @ 6ish, and if I get TOO HUNGRY it can backfire on me and I end up eating too much when I do eat as I think I am STARVING!

Anyway enough negative thinking (maybe more ranting later), here’s my day:


walk in English Garden involved watching the English Garden ‘Guys’ blowing leaves about… THAT’S GERMAN EFFICIENCY for you… not sure if it happens in parks other than in the centre but here’s a man blowing the leaves away from the path!  And the other photo is where the leaves landed… against the bridge!

and here are the Eisbach surfers… I asked them if it was cold and one guy said the water hasn’t cooled down yet and  was ok!

as in the last few days… a berry bar for breakfast!

Then work and then I went to the Sushi place for lunch and had about 5 plates of sushi, bit cramped so couldn’t take a photo of food so well, but here’s ONE photo of the choice:

The food goes round and you take it off the thingy (not sure what it’s called!), you tend to eat too much but I tried to stick to 5 things, 2 big california-type sushi rolls, 3 small typical sushi type rolls, 2 little spring rolls, a dish with duck (I think!) and a plate with 2 bits of sweet and sour chicken… all very delicious!

Unfortunately its a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE COLD and WET day so no big walk really, I had got my tights out to wear I wasn’t prepared for the COLD..did I mention that already that its COLD!

After picking up my daughter and sending her out to play all dressed up warm, I went for a walk in the Hofgarten, on the way dropping off the plastic rubbish in the recycling bins!

On the way, I saw the Queen again but in a different pose with her dwarves (!?):

Freezing cold, but not raining, even a bit of sun:


The sun between the trees and Daisy meets her Cocker Spaniel friends!

Tonight its Sneak night at the english Cinema… and before the sneak I am planning to see Johnny English Reborn…!  Let’s see if hubby gets back in time!  Until tomorrow TTFN!


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