Buffet… not such a good idea…!


Tonight I am invited to a Buffet – a Russian Buffet – @ a birthday party, so as I am not very good at buffet’s as I tend to eat tooooo much because it all looks so good and it is there is GREAT quantities and I don’t know about you but I find it hard to stop…!  Let’s see later, eh!

For the rest of day… walk in morning not so warm but still very nice, along the way found some more of those locks on bridges stating EVER LASTING LOVE:


here’s a red one and here’s one with a drawn/painted on heart… underneath the picture by the bridge you can just make out the Eisbach!

Breakfast was a berry bar again, for some reason don’t fancy the shakes @ the moment, and the berry bar

although bar is much smaller and not so satisfying as you chew through it much quicker than the shake, it has the same qualities and bits in them!

No work today so went swimming for 1 hour and then shopping in town for the birthday party and on way home bought myself a Falafel Sandwich from the great Falafel place:

pita bread with humus cream, cucumber, tomatoes, beetroot, Falafel, salad etc and I deliberately chose something smaller for lunch as have the buffet to contend with tonight!

Afternoon walk for 1 hour:


The Isar and on a bridge a statue and in the background the Friedensengel!

The Maxilminaeum in the sun!

Then I went for a bike ride to the Zoo:


Along the way!

It was such a lovely day, loads of sunshine, so had to take advantage… especially as tomorrow its supposed to be 11°C instead of the 25°C today!

Then after getting back from bike ride had a lemon protein bar, but forgot to photograph it… or rather remembered to photograph it towards the end of the bar… only 3 pieces left!

After picking up my daughter and another short dog walk, we went to our birthday party with buffet:

I used a bigger picture this time… salmon and salami, bread, potato pie, potato salad with cucumber, celery, chicken, peas (delicious) and just off the picture the very thin pancakes (Blini), here on the plate:

But first (I forgot) Borscht Soup:

with a bit of sour creme and parsley, very good too!

here’s the potato pie and potato salad!

I did manage to stop at these 2 plates although I did have a profiterole and a (small) piece of apricot cake, both eaten too quickly for a photo!  I think I did quite well but not brilliantly, I have much to learn and be strong about @ buffets, but for today was OK…!  Let’s see tomorrow on the scales… although you may have noticed I have not updated my weight loss @ the moment as I have put on some weight during my 2 visitors visits..  but should do to be fair… maybe tomorrow!  TTFN


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