Back to normal…?


So the last week or so have not been normal.. I’ve had visitors and we’ve been out a lot and I’ve had no time for sport!  So today my life starts anew!

First of all I went for a walk in the morning and met the nice woman to chat with on dog walk and took a photo of the Eisbach:

Then I had a Berry Bar for breakfast:

Then work and lunch was… my old friend the Goat’s Cheese, fig and honey Flute, this time with a Courgette Salad (with pine nuts, raisins and oil):


and a Maxi King little chocolate bar for pudding!  (I was worried after all the food that I have been eating that I might get a craving for more so to be safe I stocked up on something sweet in my body so as not to have a craving… @ least that’s what I told myself it was!).

Then I went out for a dog walk, although not as warm as the last few weeks:


Then I went for a bike ride, I took a turning off at the half way mark of the bike ride wanting to make sure I didn’t get too long and get too tired and end up eating too much food again and ended up somewhere weird (and going quite a way longer!):


over an Isar canal, up some woody path and I ended up at Sport Scheck with the horse stables and tennis courts and in the end I was outside Munich (hence the sign entering “Landeshauptstadt München” again!  But then I had to go on to get back and that was quite a way again!

Passing the Mae West Statue:


Its only one statue (but three angles!) and its supposed to be Mae West… I can see the resemblance with the body contours but I am really not sure what she has to do with Munich!

Then my daughter has her piano lesson and I went shopping whilst she was having her lesson and after all the bike riding was hungry and chose another sweet thing:

a hot cross bun (held in my hand, which looks a bit funny and red!)

Then home and after giving my daughter some food and her going out with a friend, I went on the bike again to pick something up and decided to take long way home after this shopping and ended up biking around for another 40 mins or so!  Good for the exercise but was a bit worried I would get home and be VERY HUNGRY and eat everything in sight!  BUT I was good and ate a salad:

and an Oat Roll with butter, marmite and a bit of cheddar!

Then after another walk with Daisy for 30 mins:

in the Hofgarten where there was a ‘do’ on at the Herkules Saal with purple lights, I bunked down for the night to write this and have a cup of hot fruit tea!  TTFN!


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