Bank holiday…day of German Unity..!


Bank holiday today and last day of the Octoberfest so no sport and dieting today either and anyway my visitors still here!  But I did manage a lovely walk this morning and on the way say these in an office window:


Yes reindeer… and the QUEEN with some dwarves behind her!

Not sure what entertainment on the cards today for my visitors, will think of something!

Then English Garden and some lovely scenes:


sunny and warm!

So we decided to go to another Beer Garden today for my cousin and his friend and went to a Forest Beer Garden which is also a Jazz Beer Garden:


The entrance, the Jazz musician bandstand and an Apfel Schorle (apple juice with fizzy water!) and  Weiss Beer!

We ate there, I had sausages and sour kraut, but forgot to photograph it (again!)

Think this is an old grill…!?

Then we went to another Beer Garden right on the Isar river


where we had just missed the Plastic Ducks Race!

Then over the river again to other side, here you can the lovely day we are having with the blue skies!

More later if manage it!  TTFN!

After beer garden run, we had a chilling time @ home checking emails, updating facebook etc etc, then went for an Indian:

Me and my cousin’s friend shared a Thali Mix here 4 meat dishes and 2 veg dishes, then home, a little walk and that’s it!  Tomorrow I start my new life of dieting and exercise… lol… let’s hope so! TTFN


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