No time…!


Friday was pretty hectic, with my doctor’s appointment which went well and involved a 45 mins bike ride there and a 45 mins bike ride back and because of that and generally being happy that appointment went well I was a bit exhausted and so no posts then and now my cousin and a friend of his came on Saturday morning so have been entertaining them and visiting the Octoberfest with them too.

I even went into a tent with them (managed to get in through the kitchen as my hubby had a friend who worked there and sneaked us in!) but I only managed to stay a couple of hours before I got a bit sick of it because of the drunks and the LOUD noise!

People standing on the benches beside the table, dancing and drinking, the song at the time was an Abba song… can’t remember which one!

On way  home I took some more photos of these:



There are people in those things GOING UP or AROUND or UP AND DOWN AND AROUND!  Not for me!

And today Sunday we got up late, I had a quick walk with Daisy and then we went for a Chinese with my English guests, the all you can eat place AGAIN!  Food wise for me no different from last week, although maybe I ate a little less!

Then they have gone off to the Octoberfest again and my daughter and I are chilling!

Fraid there probably won’t be a blog for another few days as my visitors are here until Tuesday morning and so this means a) I don’t have any time and b) food and exercise goes a bit wobbly…. i.e. I eat too much and don’t have time for exercise BUT come Tuesday its all WORK, WORK, WORK on the losing weight in Munich front!  TTFN

P.S.  Got to add some photos from the other day in the Hofgarten as light was so lovely:


Amazing what the sun was doing with the light and clouds…!



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