Croissant time over soon…?


Well I think I might be dragging myself out of self-pity!  No, really, despite still having the appointment tomorrow, I seem to be a bit more positive!

Walk was nice, met up with a dog walk partner and had a nice chat and like I said last time it made the walk go quicker!

Then breakfast, unfortunately a croissant again, but should be out of this phase of unhealthy breakfasts by tomorrow… let’s hope so!

Then I had to go to work although I don’t normally work on Thursdays!  Then lunch at Kaimug (take away):


it was Pad Thai (rice noodles) with Tofu and Thai basil and soya sprouts, very delicious… probably could have left some on the plate though!

Then I went for a walk with Daisy for nearly an hour

A crazy bike round the corner!

Tributaries of the Isar coming from underground!

Some mushroom round a tree!


The Isar, along my walk!

Then after I got back from the dog walk, decided to go for a bike ride:


The Olympic Park again!  And the Olympic tower from the other side of the lake this time!


This is a pair of iron Wellington boots on the side of the road at the Mittlerer Ring and I am not sure what they are for but it seem they are a kind of air conditioning, as air comes out of them!

Bike ride took about 1 hour, 10 mins…!

When I got back ate a Lemon protein bar – cut up into bite size bits…!

When I got back from picking up my daughter was a bit peckisch again so had:

half a banana cut up into bits!

I still didn’t fancy a shake so had, a bread roll, butter, marmite, cheddar cheese, beetroot and ayvar:

with a big glass of water!

Hubby out again tonight so not sure about any more bike rides or walks, so will report tomorrow!  TTFN

P.S. Went for a walk for 30 mins with Daisy in town and Hofgarten and wanted to share a few more photos:


where the sky was very pretty and red!


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