Blue skies…!


It’s a  beautiful day here in Munich, blue skies and sun, sun, sun all for the Octoberfest and the tourists!  My day started as usual with the school walk and then the English Garden, where you can see some beautiful impressions:


The trade union meeting of the ducks…!

Still not feeling in the best of moods, I had a croissant (again!) for breakfast and went to work.

For lunch I had a roast chicken breast and leg with some rosemary potatoes but I forgot to take a photo!  Oops!

Then I went for a bike ride to the English Book shop and then on for a further bike ride as it is such a beautiful day and as I had to kick my arse in gear and do some kind of sport as haven’t really done any yet this week… because feeling sorry for myself with my doctors appointments… As it was thoroughly enjoyed ride and here is some more of Munich:


The Königsplatz (Kings Square) where the Greek Museum is and some Antiques too, Hitler used to do speeches on here!

Then onto the Olympic Park and round it on my bike:


The lake round the stadium and the tower and stadium

A venue within the Olympic complex and next to the Olympic pool!

Then over the Petuel Tunnel where there is greenery now – used to be a four lane dual carriageway but now cars drive in tunnel underneath here!

Then home to write a bit of this and pick my daughter up, before another dog walk with Daisy via the recycling:

along the way saw this… not sure where the joke is… the bad English or what the Chinese really says – but still funny!

This is Munich recycling… most blocks of flats have paper recycling in their bin rooms i.e. they have paper bins, normal rubbish and they have biodegradable bins, but plastic, tins and bottles you are supposed to recycle yourself in these:

for tins/aluminium, plastic, green bottles, white bottles and brown bottles!  The nearest ones are never far away, there are 3 for me to choose from in my borough or nearby streets!

It’s still a beautiful day:



People playing boules in the Hofgarden and people relaxing in the beer garden!


Beautiful weather too, blue skies and sunny but not too hot, being an English Rose can’t be having tooooo much heat on my rose skin!

Tonight is parents evening in the school – nearly forgot about it until a mum called me to ask if I could excuse her and take notes (!) as she had to go to her son’s parent evening and there is a plan to go out for drinks afterwards so no idea what’s happening about dinner really!

You have probably noticed the distinct lack of photos of food at the moment, like I said in my blog at the beginning of the week a) I have my period (the men reading this are not supposed to read that!) and b) I am up and down mood-wise because of my doctor’s appointments so spaced out all over the week.  I have been eating the wrong breakfast e.g. Croissant instead of my healthy shake and lunch is still ok i.e. not eating anything too forbidden or non-diety (just today forgot to take a photo of my chicken and rosemary roads potatoes!) BUT in the afternoon I am snacking a lot and not necessarily on good things and CERTAINLY not diety things and CERTAINLY things too embarrassing to take photos of and publish on here… I realise I am supposed to be being honest and documenting EXACTLY what I eat but @ the moment am not in an emotionally great state to be doing that…maybe I will update @ a later date and be embarrassed then or maybe I will just leave you in suspense…!

Not sure if will get on here again tonight because of the parent evening so more tomorrow and TTFN!


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