Octoberfest…! YIPEE! (Not..!)


I had my doctor’s appointment and they said all ok, but then they don’t aren’t really the people to tell me its ok, Friday’s appointment will be the one I rely on, so more waiting until Friday!

As was in a rush in the morning because appointment at 8:50 am, Daisy and I only had a short walk, about 30 mins and I wanted something quick for breakfast so had a croissant which wasn’t good, how is that supposed to keep me going all morning (in fact it did, but that was just luck!).  Then my check up which was not nice but quick!

Then into town for some shopping and for lunch:

A flute but a different one from usual!  A spicy salami and very, very thin slices of parmesan and some kind of oil as well as the noodle salad from yesterday with tomatoes, pine nuts and basil!

Then off to the Octoberfest, Tuesday’s is kids day and the rides and games are half price until 6 pm!

Here are LOADS of impressions:

the underground station escalators!

This is a carousel which not only goes round but up and down and as you can see it goes up quite a way!

as the name suggests this involves water (called Rio Rapids!)


a couple of huge roller coasters!

a loooooopoing one!

The London Eye of the Octoberfest (not!)


a beer tent (!) and a coffee-house!

Smurf roasted nuts!

San Fransisco Coffee Company at the Octoberfest (in case you can’t see it says st. franzls kaffee kompanie!)

an old-fashioned wooden slide!

these are the typical ginger bread hearts with sayings on them e.g. Worlds best Granddad, My sweetheart, I love you etc etc!

if you look closely there is a man standing on the balcony of this Ghost Ride with a fishing rod and a spider on the end of it which he dangles at passers-by…!

Here there is a family who all have the traditional Dirndl and Lederhosen on!

This monkey spits water @ you if you are not careful and walking by innocently…!

The huge wheel again from a different angle!

a nice kids labyrinth and floors and steps moving up and down!


aaaaah peace and quiet round the back!

I had a bread roll with roast sausages in it with ketchup for dinner, so no a DIET or LOSING WEIGHT dinner, but the Octoberfest only comes once a year and being emotionally in such fragile state I couldn’t resist!

Also had an ice cream:

And as was very sunny and quite warm and was always looking into the sky at the sun and of course at things going up and down, I got a headache and couldn’t be bothered to go out for a long walk with Daisy so just round block and early night! TTFN


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