I am afraid I am a bit moody today… and I suspect I will be ALL week… BUT there is a reason, I have 2 horrible doctors appointments this week.  One tomorrow and one on Friday… couldn’t have spaced it out better could I, no unfortunately not!

It’s a check up from an operation in 1998  so loooong time ago but its uncomfortable and of course brings up unpleasant memories of the time, AND it means I am MOOOODY!

So far it hasn’t reared its ugly head on the food front but there is STILL TIME!

The day up until now has been ok though, apart from the moodiness – have I mentioned that before?

Dog walk was lovely, it’s a lovely day, although this photo shows a bit of mist but by the time I was walking there it had disappeared…


and you can see German Efficiency clearing up and sorting stuff (i.e. the lorry thing wasn’t doing anything but was on the way to do something!)

Then work and for lunch I had the FAMOUS Goat cheese Flute and a noodle salad with tomatoes, pine nuts, parmesan and basil:

both very good.  Then dog walk but only short one as I wasn’t feeling up to it!  NO bike ride either, just sort of vegetated in front of tv and also did some of hubby’s company work!

In afternoon had some sweets, some liquorice allsorts which I had bought!  Not proud but not strong enough today to fight it and it wasn’t really a lot!

Then on bike to pick up my daughter but it’s not far away so doesn’t count and in the evening I had 2 pieces of the pumpkin seed bread with cheddar cheese, butter, marmite and beetroot and the Bosnian Aywar:

a little too much but again not in the mood to be STRONG!  I keep telling myself considering what my doctor’s appointment is for that I can afford to be weak but not happy with myself but not unhappy either!  Just nervous for tomorrow, @ least the appointment is in the morning @ 8:50 so don’t have to wait all day or whatever, but means no big dog walk in morning!

Also won’t be able to have 30 mins dog walk tonight as hubby out!

SORRY to be such a downer and a moody but those who know me will know what’s going on and those that don’t will have to be a bit patient in the hope that I will explain later or another day (sorry!).  TTFN!


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