Sunday, Sunday..!


Woke up earlyish again so went for walk but my daughter already awake too so got a time restraint of 45 mins, so went to Hofgarten (Court Gardens) instead of the English Garden and beautiful day:



Here in the distance you can see a whole load of Munich architecture: the big Church (forgotten what it’s called!), the Herkulessaal (concert hall), the two towers of the Frauenkirche right at the back etc etc

We met not one dog, which is really unusual but there you go!  Not that Daisy is a playful dog (at 13 1/2 years old!) but still was strange!

Hubby and daughter @ the Octoberfest and then we are all (visitors and all) going to a Chinese Restaurant, I am planning to stay calm and collected and eat only the minimum!

So I decided to go to the Chinese on the bike to save up some calories!  The bike ride took me 40 mins and half way along I had to go up a very steep hill which nearly did me in but I carried on!

It was a very nice Chinese, new, BUT a buffet…



HORROR for me, one just wants to go back time and time again!  I managed to stay semi strong and took one plate and then only some bits of a second plate and both plates I didn’t eat fully as I gave my daughter some bits, but I did have a MINI CHOCOLATE DOUGHNUT!


The doughnut really was small, honest!

Then there was the bike ride back but this only took 35 mins, probably as the steep hill was downhill this time not UP hill!  Then I went on a 45 mins dog walk.

I had a Protein bar for a snack:

I cut it differently again just to be different (!?).

This evening there is going to something small so that I can balance out the lunch overeating!

So TTFN, more later!


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