No more tables..


I’ve noticed that the table isn’t working as the format is wrong for the format of my page design from WordPress!  I noticed it here as most of the table plopped off the end of the page and when I looked at it on my phone (i.e. mobile device!) you couldn’t see anything after lunch and although it looked good – like I had hardly eaten anything all day – it doesn’t look good!  So will think of something else and in meantime boring old way of describing my day!

Rest of yesterday not so good but today I know why… more later!  I didn’t eat a shake for dinner because I didn’t fancy it and I won’t list all I ate as I am a) EMBARRASSED and b) it wasn’t that bad, probably all made up to a normal meal calorie wise but was all a bit of a mish mash and just plain SILLY!

The reason why I was unable to really get it together last night food wise and had a craving for something else was because today I got the CURSE!  This next paragraph is NOT FOR MEN a) its boring and b) although you pretend to understand you haven’t a clue really! Anyway I had got a twinge of stomach ache as I woke up but didn’t really connect it.. and then when I got on the scales I got another twinge of stomach ache and then when I saw that I had put on weight… I realised I had got my period (obviously confirmed @ a loo visit) and I am not updating my weight chart for a few days as it is not correct… I always put on UP TO 2 KILOS during my period!  It can really put a damper on your weight-loss life but I have managed to realise that for 3 or 4 days the scales just really freak out and go up and down very STRANGELY but usually UP!

Men can start reading again now!

Last night we also got another UNEXPECTED VISITOR but this time a real visitor not a bodily kind as described above, I was just getting into the car with my daughter and her friend, when a big car drove up along ours and started waving @ me and I though wtf… but then recognised my brother and sister-in-law and niece (niece-in-law or really niece?) coming to the Oktoberfest!  They are from far away – 8 hours drive and I wasn’t expecting them so bit of a surprise!   They all went off to the Octoberfest so didn’t have to entertain them!  Would have, but didn’t have to!  Also luckily didn’t have to feed them just as well as didn’t have enough food in the place!  They didn’t return until 2:45am so didn’t have to worry about them.

Enough of them, this morning I got up early and left my daughter sleeping and went for a walk, beautiful day:

The Chinese Tea House



The sun shining through the trees of the English Garden

The sweet little pool at the edge of the Eisbach (a tributary of the Isar River) where I cleaned off my wellies which were covered in grass from a bit where I had walked where they had just cut the grass!


Early morning Surfers (well 9 am on a Saturday is early isn’t it – definitely for macho surfers – no?)

Took just over an hour as Daisy was dawdling a lot and then I had no cravings (yet!) so had a bar instead of a shake with @ least a view to being diet-y today!  But I cut it differently just to change my life (see earlier blog!):

Hubby took his brother out and the girls went shopping, my daughter and I are having lunch with my mother, her Omi, and then this afternoon hope to get a bike ride in as my daughter is having a friend over!  Fingers crossed the CURSE doesn’t curse me too much today and more later.  TTFN

Lunch was delicious… I decided to have a soup as was troubled over the above… I ordered a pumpkin soup with salmon pieces, and a very redy-orange soup came but all I found were shrimps… then it turned out the waitress had ordered the wrong soup for me but as it WAS DELICIOUS I decided to keep it and I ate my mum and daughter’s salad with a piece of brown bread and half a piece of white crusty bread.. not even a diet coke, only water:

this is the Carrot soup… i.e. not the pumpkin soup and salmon pieces

BUT there was something else in the Carrot soup:

some shrimps… and I also ate this delicious brown bread:

so managed to eat little but it was well worth it as was delish…!  More later, TTFN (again)

P.S.  Just HAD to update this as was so proud of myself for only eating soup and salad for lunch!


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