Well here again, but last post for today just to finish the day up:

An apple snack in afternoon whilst writing my last blog:

as usual cut into small pieces in a nice bowl!

I also ate the left overs of a croissant (the bite missing here is from me!), not too good but as was not that much, not too worried!

But I was worried about the my state of last night and still current state of women’s thingy’s… that I decided to not have a shake and to have something more substantial!

I chose some Pumpkin bread:

not all of the loaf, but 1 1/2 slices with butter, Marmite, cheddar cheese and a little plate of veg etc:

it’s a beetroot, tomatoes, cucumber and some Ayvar (a traditional Bosnian thing – homemade from hubby’s mum and its peppers and paprika and its a relish or spread and tastes yummy!).  In the picture its underneath the beetroot and next to the tomatoes on the right hand side of the plate!

Last walk of the day time, as usual through town and here are some pics:


It’s winter in the shops already!  Although no idea what the Astronauts bowls on the heads are for!

and so dark – it was only 8 pm!

And because Munich is so hip and although it has the Octoberfest, we have other stuff going on to keep those busy who can’t get into the Octoberfest… with the ‘Ander Art’ Festival (Other Art) with Music and Food:

And some silly light game!

I think it was an outward bound maze light show thingy… no idea but someone was getting stuck it in when I left!

So lets see on the scales tomorrow how it’s gone, although much better today and certainly no munchies, TTFN!

Last moments of the day…


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