Coping ok…


Just a quickie!  I seem to be coping ok although I had a worry that I was craving… maybe it is just the one day this time…after my lovely carrot soup which was supposed to be pumpkin soup (see earlier entry), I went for a dog walk, I went for a bike ride, a dog walk and am now waiting to see what my visitors want who are shopping!

The day so far in pics:

This is one of the bridges I cross when on the Isar I photographed it from the other side before!

This is the view from the bridge up and down the river:


The dog walk with Daisy involved going into town on my bike with her in the back and then letting her out along the Isar, another part and me pushing my bike:


I am usually walking across the top of this bridge on my lunch time walk with Daisy coming from the other direction.

Along the way I crossed one iron bridge which has a load of these:


this is apparently a world-wide phenomenon which involves writing your true loves name on a lock and locking it to a bridge… you find them all other bridges!  Or maybe its an old thing and I’ve just found out about it…!

Some ducks in the sunshine!

Again I am usually on top of this bridge.

Well like I say I seem to be coping so far… let’s see what the evening brings!  TTFN


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